How To Make Your Undergraduate Dissertation Stand Out: 5 Great Tips

In writing your dissertation paper, understanding exactly what you are being asked to produce is essential. In your earlier career as a student, your papers must be boring compared to this one. I am going to help you make your undergraduate essay rise above everyone else’s with 5 great tips.

  1. Your thesis should be announced in the very first sentence. It is imperative that your topic is something that you are excited about. You have to be interested enough in what you are presenting so that you will put out the effort needed to blow your reader away with your first sentence. If you love what you are writing about, your reader will know.
  2. Organization, organization, organization. Your paper will be so much easier to write and your argument will be presented the way you outlined if you stay structured.
  3. Simplify your argument. You want your thesis to be interesting enough to bring out some emotion in your reader. To ensure that this will happen, you have to make your argument plainly understood and easy to follow. That way the reader can concentrate on the content of the essay rather than stress about and complicated topic.
  4. Use your elders! Your professors and other professionals are just sitting there waiting to help you! Use their expertise and ask for their advice. They have spent years paying their dues and growing in experience and knowledge. The goal of a professor is to pass this information onto you and the result will be a greater paper. Your proposal must be short and sweet. The proposal should be just a plan of what your intentions are for your paper. It is not your paper. Do not make your proposal long and complicated.

Your dissertation should be the highlighted work of your undergraduate career. Everything else you have produced before this should be considered boring. If you follow the tips I have outlined above, you can be assured that your thesis will be the climax of your writing assignments. Most of the time, students hear the word dissertation and panic.