Culture And Fashion Dissertation Topics

The relationship between culture and fashion is broad and dynamic, and it mostly shows the flexibility of fashion in culture. Every culture portrays itself through the dressing, the clothes they wear all portray where someone is from. The clothes have a psychological and physiological impact on society this forth, committing culture and attaching them to fashion. 

Most societies tend to conflict culture and fashion abstractly. Yet, in actual sense, culture cannot withstand without fashion, and fashion defines how one looks, dresses, and shows him or herself to the world.

Below are certainly exciting topics from culture and fashion.

  1. Iconography has portrayed for years that fashion is highly influential when it comes up to cultural change. It also brings to life the question about celebrities, music, and icons in our societies. It brings about questions like who are icons. Why do we need icons? Where in the community do these icons fit? What is the influence of the icons in the community? These subjects address mostly an audience of young people or the younger generation and get excited about this. Most of them would desire to understand the following;
  2. Figuring out the window to being an icon
  3. What kind of life is lived by the icons?
  4. Boy bands, culture, and how they ought to dress
  5. Pride and prejudice of the icons and the un-understandable part of their lives. 
  6. History of fashion dissertation topic
  7. This aspect of the dissertation has raised many questions about fashion because, over the years, questions have been raised about pictures, analyzing these pictures, dress codes, and how people come up with designs of clothes. Several books have been written about this aspect, and many have learned from it this forth sieving information like;
  8. British fashion and the sense of English coming into existence
  9. The fashion of World War 2 in America and the United Kingdom
  10. Fashion in the fifties in America and the United Kingdom
  11. A review of the fashion icons in the seventies and their work
  12. Raising the question of tailors and cobblers in the past ages in America and the United Kingdom
  13. Clothing, Leisure, and Places. 
  14. People all over the world are judged by their dressing and fashion or wearing behavior. It can create a difference between urban and rural citizens. Difference between the rich and the poor. 
  15. Leisure has been connected to clothing over the years because when one dresses well enough, he or she feels so comfortable enough to go places and be freely comfortable enough to have leisure time. The aspect of clothing, leisure, and places has raised questions like why we wear certain clothes to certain places at specific times. Why do we have a dress code for work, parties, and Prayer? These are all seen through;
  16. The power of branding is portrayed through this objective.
  17. The importance of having a label that either keeps one’s market up or completely kills one’s marketing.
  18. What sports clothes are, how they are worn and how they have influenced the market
  19. History of shoes
  20. A history of the hat
  21. A Shakespearean dress code
  22. A history of the Scottish clothes History influence of celebrities on dressing and fashion
  23. The evolution of gowns 


At the end of the cross Shakespearian, leisure and places have affected people in various ways and at some point taught people lessons of how to dress and when to dress in a certain way at a specific time, and this all has changed society positively.