Dissertation Topic Examples In Marketing

In your final year at the highest learning level, it wouldn't be fair to miss out on a dissertation topic, examples, marketing. Let us get straight into the facts.

  1. Title page

On the title page, there should be a clear impression of what the dissertation has to cover. The dissertation title page should be clear, short, and accurate to enable quick understanding. On the title page, it is essential to include the dates of writing the report, the report's writer, and the person the report is designated for. All you have to do is to make clear the dissertation topic examples marketing.   

  1. The Abstract 

The abstract is a summary of all the contents within the report. The abstract is the primary determinant of whether the readers will read the entire report or not. So, it means that a poor abstract will likely discourage readers from going through the dissertation while a good one motivates readers to read them. Always ensure that the abstract is good enough to help readers understand what is being covered.

  1. Contents

It is essential to highlight content that is appropriately formatted.

  1. Introduction

The introduction is part of the specific areas within a dissertation. It is essential to be careful when doing your business writing jobs, espeicially when composing the introduction.

  1. The aims and objectives 

It is essential to highlight the aims and objectives. You need to define them clearly by explaining what you need to achieve and the different ways you can use them to achieve it. It is essential to understand this section as more vital since readers need to know the primary aims and objectives.

  1. Literature review 

The current thoughts of the topic are incorporated within the literature review. It involves a highlight of significant areas of concern. In this section, you can involve some references and essential sources of information.

  1. Research methodologies

The section is vital, and messing around with it will likely bring about conflicts in findings and results. Always strive to explain to the reader the exact steps you took in reaching the already written information. It is a summary of the stages you have undergone in getting the information.  

  1. Ethical Issues

Every dissertation should put into consideration ethical issues. Among other inclusions, focus on creating reader awareness on ethical issues in the fundamental research. Furthermore, ensure to consider explaining how you overcame confidentiality, data storage, among others.     

  1. Results and findings 

It helps the reader understand the results you have gathered. Also, the research findings are incorporated.

  1. Discussion and analysis

The section covers the achievement of objectives, support or contradiction of literature on the dissertation, the possibility of criticism on the research, and much more.   

  1. Recommendations

The findings you have made are just but ingredients in creating recommendations. You can also highlight the actions taken.

  1. References

Prepare rightful references and ensure to reference the dissertation topic examples marketing according to your institution's guidelines.  

  1. Appendices

Results are not part of the appendix and, therefore, should not be included in this section. Add some essential materials, such as blank questionnaires.