Coming Up With Interesting Junior Thesis Topic Ideas

There is wealth of thesis topics available on the web, however, if you looking for some unique and potential topics go through the list below:

  1. Are U.S companies employing unscrupulous means to pay wages to their employees? Cite some of the circumstances employed by America as in how they pay their labors in undeveloped nations. Is this a favorable act? Why?
  2. Are gyms opened by the corporate is serving the purpose well for the employees working in the company? Should company allow their workers to go for workouts during their work time?
  3. How oil companies are hatching golden eggs? How other countries are suffering from huge loss by paying $3 a gallon?
  4. Explain with examples why women wages are still 75% less of what men are getting paid across the world. Is this logical? Explain if they should be paid equivalent to men. Cite all the reasons for their lower wages.
  5. Are Americans really very workaholic? Is 40 hours work duration in a weekend justified? Should employees be permitted to work for an infinite number of hours weekly? Should mandatory caps be applied by the government? Which laws government should employ to keep its citizens healthy offering them required relaxation time?
  6. Should school athletes be offered free shoes and sports equipments for playing?
  7. Is watching adult censored films and videos with parents are fine? If yes, why? If no why?
  8. Should athletes in colleges be paid sports remuneration? If yes, how much should they be paid?
  9. Are examinations a right way to measure a student’s potential? If yes, why? If no, why they should be forbidden?
  10. To what extent, government interference on school cafeterias while maintaining the food standards is valid? How it will affect the school environment?
  11. What are the benefits and drawbacks of wearing uniforms at jobs is valid?
  12. Are unisex schools better options in maintaining high standards of education? How co-education creates a distraction?
  13. Is global warming being exaggerated more than its actual repercussion? Is it just a hoax or we should take it seriously?
  14. Are there still better methods to be employed by the airport authority for pat-downs and body scans? Can passengers be ensured with a better way of security? How?
  15. Will U.S. policies worsen the terrorism situation or will make the scenarios better? How U.S policies have been successful in preventing terrorism? How other countries can aid their support in bringing peace?

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