A List Of Fresh Dissertation Topic Examples Related To Technologies

When writing a dissertation, a student is faced with many challenges, from gathering information to knowing what to do with it, these things can present huge challenges to the unprepared. What can make it worse, is a bad choice of topic and this mistake is made more often than you might think. Completing a dissertation is already difficult without having to contend with a poor topic choice and many students overlook the importance of this selection.

You want to make sure that you can select a topic that you enjoy working on, this is important and can significantly affect your motivation. Secondly, it is impossible to complete a project without enough information so you must make sure that your topic choice also comes with many great sources of information.

Consider this list of interesting topic choices to make your task easier and save you time.

  1. The impact hand held smart devices have on the social development of young children.
  2. Why it should be made illegal for public places to not provide free wi fi
  3. The benefits of being connected to a loved one via many social mediums
  4. The difference in dating before and after the internet became widespread
  5. Are old cars really stronger and tougher than new ones?
  6. The negative impact of the internet on society
  7. Humans should abolish dependence on machines because a solar flare is inevitable
  8. When oil runs out, only then will humanity be able to truly appreciate the value of the natural world
  9. Colonizing mars is a waste of money, we should colonize the bottom of the oceans instead.
  10. Are private companies ready for the space race?
  11. To customization s to vehicles make them less safe for driving on public streets?
  12. Does technology remove any of the pleasure gained from the experience of fishing?
  13. Why the world should not switch to genetically modified foods as our staple.
  14. Could mechanical pets replace lives ones?
  15. Can video games make any significant contributions to to world?
  16. Will we ever be able to form a symbiotic relationship with nano-scale robots?
  17. How has the ease with which humans can create fire affected our overall development as a species?
  18. should the minimum age for possession of a smart device be set just like alcohol and rated movies?
  19. Is there likely to be another tool that will replace the internet?
  20. Has the discovery of the Higgs Boson affected technology in any way?
  21. Why optical fibers are better for data transfer
  22. The future of quantum computers